Caribbean American Movers & Shakers Awards


Our Focus

Our goal is to enrich the lives of all those within the Caribbean Diaspora and multicultural communities through diverse channels.  By sharing the unique culture and history of the Caribbean region, through relevant, accessible and quality channels, it is believed that through these efforts it is possible to bridge cultural divides, help the young generation, build economic development and begin conversations relevant and important to the global community.

 The 2017 Caribbean American Movers & Shakers Awards will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, The event will feature live performances, special presentations, and celebrity appearances. Our University Panel and Charitable Giving Campaign will continue to be a year-round effort with the Caribbean American Cultural Arts Foundation.

2017 Honorees


We are excited to announce the 2017 Caribbean American Movers & Shakers Awards will be held at the beautiful State-of-the-Art Porter Sanford III Performing Arts Center on June 24, 2017. Your can RSVP Here.

Connecting to the Diaspora…

We have a commitment to millennials who have the opportunity to join the movement as we launch the first annual international artist of the year contest. The contest will be launched during the month of June, where viewers on One Caribbean Television will have a chance to vote for this year’s winner.



The Caribbean American Cultural Arts Foundation is grateful for the support of our corporate sponsors.